Shine Like a Diva & Make heads turn

Shine like a Star...
Shine like a Star…

Hello Friends, this is my very first blog and firstly I would like to introduce myself. “Twinkle With My Style” is very close to my heart as it really explains what my blog intends to do. Twinkle which means “sparkle” “shine” (which also is my nickname :)) is the way i see myself shining with joy, following new trends and styling the way I like!! I believe in creating fashion the way it enhances your beauty and not blindly following it!!

From Western wear to Ethnic look you ll find all sorts of looks and styling ideas for different occasions, whether its a casual hangout with friends, going on a vacation, evening parties or just a casual day.

I love styling with accessories basically statement neckpieces and earrings. I believe you can add an oomph factor to a simple outfit by simple pairing it up with a contrast neckpiece!! Well, that’s the reason I have a huge collection of all types of neckpiece!!

Here I ‘ll also be sharing various hairstyles (especially for long hair) which suits different occasions. Girls, often get confuse as to how to style their hair with a particular dress and ends up repeating the same hairstyle with every look, but now u ll get to see some new hairstyles too.

So Stay tuned, keep experimenting, keep styling as I would be bringing fresh fashion soon!!!!

Do leave your comments and replies and feel free to ask!!


Priyanka Singhal


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