My Little Blue Dress



Another post for these summers is here. I agree summers are too hot specially when you are in Delhi, but they can’t stop us from styling right?

I love wearing different kinds of dresses with different styles and patterns, my love for styling makes me buy so much that I end up buying almost everything!! The outfit I am sharing in this post was bought by me long back!! My intend while buying this outfit was to wear it on a beach !! Yea..But somehow I could not wear it! Since then it is there in my closet. Finally, for a recent dine out I wore this cute little blue dress.

Its sometimes difficult to wear a dress for some other occasion when u have planned it already for a different one. While wearing this dress I was thinking the same!! But then when I accessorized it for a dine out with family, I felt awesome. It s not only Β stylish and trendy but also super comfortable!


I bought this little polka dot blue dress from #Faballey, long back. The thing which attracted me to this dress are its amazing cuts on the sides. The side cuts on the waist continue till back. These cuts make it look like a co-ordinate from back and a skater dress from the front, giving it a different look. The fabric is super cool and comfortable making it perfect for summer weather.


I accessorized it with my favorite yellow and light blue neckpiece and little studs. I purposely kept my hair tied into a ponytail to highlight the sexy side cuts ;).Little blush and my favourite shade from Colorbar and I was good to go!!







Do comment and like if you like this post. Keep styling and do not forget to wear your confidence!! :*






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