Fresh Blooms

I have always loved the positivity which flowers bring. For me flowers are the best thing which can lift my mood. Red Roses have been always my favourite & a bunch of them has always brought a huge smile on my face . And thats the reason my dad gives me the biggest bouquet of Red Roses every year on my birthday. I think I am happiest when I am around these little bundle of joys!

I always thought of a post like this where I am surrounded by lush green trees, shrubs loaded with colorful flowers, pleasant weather & I am actually what I am within!
I am a person who loves being around nature. Spring season is my favourite. I love how colorful flowers fill the atmosphere with their fragrance and beauty.

I wanted to write this post in the Spring season itself but I think it’s never late. This post is my favourite! The beach look which I created here is simple and you can try this in your next vacation. The best part about this look is its simplicity. You wear minimal make up when on the beach! You are a free spirit enjoying the surroundings with palm trees all around and waves crashing on the shore as if they are calling you to play with them. So the beach look is always very comfy and simple.

This year has become my Travel year as I travelled to Goa, which was on my bucket list since long and then Thailand!

So I covered two major destinations this year and enjoyed being at beach which I always wanted to!

Bougainville are the most eye pleasing flowers which watched even from a distance gives you all positive vibes! Imagine when you are at a place which is loaded with them! Your eyes gleam with such beauty, you are at peace.

Coming to the outfit, I wore a white lace Offshoulder Romper which I bought from Greater Kailash Market, New Delhi for just Rs.400. Wore a floral Tiara which was in my closet since years and I was done!

I love it when dressing up is as easy as waking up! You can try this look for your Goa vacation or any beach vacation. You can even carry this look to your pool parties.

With Loads of Love…Twinkle ❤ ❤



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Rohit Singhal says:

    Wow..what a post…😍You look lovely !!


  2. Bloggermania says:

    Urz baby look face🐥 and dese flowers 🌸 are very very beautiful.

    Natural beauty you are!


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