Vacay Mode On With Koovs


It is rightly said ” Once a year, go someplace You’ve never been before”. You enjoy and gain in terms of knowledge and experience. Travel teaches you so many things in a single day which you would never learnt if you are at the same place 24X7.

It teaches you to adjust according to the place, it teaches you to be patient, it makes your brain work and think from a different perspective all together.

Since the day I have made a motto to travel to at least one place in a year, I am actually travelling more than that & trust me I am loving every bit of it. Sometimes, I wonder, why didnt, I made blogging & travelling as my profession as these are the things which I enjoy the most!

I can travel to new places around the year carrying my wardrobe. Yea, I am a kind who would take 30 dresses even if it’s only a week! I think I can relate to many who are reading this!


As I write this post, it takes me back to this amazing place “Phuket”, Thailand.  I went there an year back on a Girls trip or I would say my first International Girls trip! Phuket as a tourist destination offers breathtaking combination of picturesque surroundings. From beaches to mountains, from natural beauty to city life it has a lot to offer for every one. 

We went there in the month of August and weather there was perfect to roam around. I wore a floral jumpsuit for a day outing as I prefer an outfit which is comfy during travelling and is high on style file.

And you will be amazed to know who inspired me to buy this outfit for vacation! Any guesses? Well, it was my Dad! He saw Taapsee Pannu wearing this jumpsuit on a magazine cover and said ” Twinkle, Why dont you buy something like this for your trip”? And I when I saw this outfit, I was like “Wow Dad, I am gonna take this for sure! Have a look as to how I styled it taking inspiration from Taapsee Pannu.


Style Detail

Styling this outfit was super easy as this floral Jumpsuit is a complete in every aspect. The floral prints gives a refreshing vibe and its halter neck gives the oomph factor! For accessories I opted for earrings and  loved how minimum accessory can actually accentuate the overall outfit.

Taapsee styled the jumpsuit with a pair of nude heels whereas I opted for nude flats for the day outing. Also, I tied my hair in a normal ponytail and I was ready for the day!








So this was a crisp post about what I wore for a day Outing in Phuket, Thailand. Will be coming with a detailed post on Thailand very soon. 

Till then keep styling, keep travelling and keep doing the things which gives you happiness.

With Love Twinkle

Outfit Details

Jumpsuit – Koovs

Earrings-  Vajor

Location – The Royal Paradise Hotel & Spa Phuket



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  2. Rohit Singhal says:

    You look marvellous !

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